How to Make Brandable Domains

Posted By Ryan Stout on 02/17/2011

Brandable domains are all the rage now days. (google, yahoo, engadget, etc..) So what are the upsides, downsides, and things to consider when looking for a brandable domain?

First lets start with some of the upsides, generally brandable domains are:

  • somewhat easy to remember
  • make an impression
  • available for purchase (this is the big selling point)
  • are more bandable (obviously)

On the downside however, brandable domains generally:

  • don't provide any keyword boost on search engine position
  • can have unclear spellings

Brand strength is the real power of random word domains. Something like google is a great example because they could have bought something like Initially having would have given them some credibility as a company that can afford a good domain, but long term having really paid off. The main reason is verbability (a word I made up). By that I mean the ability for a word to be made into a verb. This is one thing you want to look for in your brandable domain. "Googling" is in our every day vocabulary, and while only a few domains can make it into this class, seeing if it verbable, helps decide how easy people will remember it.

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