BustAName Affiliate Program

Posted By Ryan Stout on 02/17/2011

So here's the deal: I think BustAName is a good service (and I should since I'm the one who made it), but the issue is that it's not getting much use compared to how many people look for domains every day. Now I know wanting to be the "go to place" to find a domain is a bit ambitious, but I think maybe after I launch a few more tools, it might be a plausible goal, or it would be if it wasn't for one little issue, "I'm not any good at marketing." So to compensate for the issue I have decided to release an affiliate program. You might say, "hey doesn't BustAName make its money from affiliate programs to begin with?"... The answer is yes, we make a commission on every domain sold through the site, when a person clicks on one of the "buy" links.

So the BustAName affiliate program pays you a commission off of our commission (at least 50%, usually more) just for driving people to the site. If you have a web site that gets tech savvy traffic, I would recommend putting up a link to BustAName and giving it a try. Hopefully this can be a win-win.

BustAName Affiliate Program


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