New Tool: Domain Maker (for finding brandable domains)

Posted By Ryan Stout on 02/17/2011

The classic domain search tool bustaname offered is great for finding domains that are based on combination's of words (foursquare, facebook, etc..), which is a very common pattern for domains. However we noticed another pattern which is making domains out of fake (or very obscure) words. A few examples come to mind (google, yahoo, engadget, etc..) We decided that we needed a separate tool to find these kind of domains.

The new tool is called our "Domain Maker", and it uses the statistical properties of English (and other languages coming soon) to create fake words that read and sound like they could be real. The tool then checks the words to see which are available as domains and returns the results. To provide more customization, you can enter a word that you want the domain to start or end with. This is great for making up something that has the word you want in it, but is still available. So for example, if I enter blog, one of the first results I get is "".

The new tool is much simpler interface wise, but we think will be another powerful weapon in the domain search arsenal.

Give it a try here.

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