3 Word Combine, Custom Prefixes/Suffixes, and bug fixes

Posted By Ryan Stout on 02/17/2011

The blogs title pretty much says it all. Here's what we launched:

  • 3 Word Combine BustAName can now do 3 word combinations and give you results. In order to get this to work though we had to put in a few restrictions on how many domains you can search at a time, so you might see this popup if you try to search for too many things at once (currently we are limiting it to 500 domains at a time) If you see the message, be aware that you can simple remove a few words, or uncheck a few options and continue.
  • Custom Prefixes/Suffixes Since 3 word combine is limited and produces a ton of results, we launched custom prefixes and suffixes. This should give you a bit more flexibility.
  • Bug Fixes A few of the big ones were 2 word combinations still being returned when they were unchecked and removing word issues.

Next Release

Here's some of the stuff I am working on for the next release:

  • Save searches
  • E-mail when new domains become available in saved searches
  • Sedo/Afternic/BuyDomains integration
  • New Look

Everyone please leave me your feedback on the new features and anything you would like to see.

Thanks, Ryan

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